Everyday Makeup 

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing good.

I thought I would do an updated post on my current make up that I use everyday. I never really change up my make-up unless I’m feeling adventurous or a product runs out and I’m forced to buy something different.

I finally decided to buy the new Nars foundation, it’s called the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, what a long name haha. To be completely honest, I can’t really see that much of a big difference in comparison to Nars Sheer Glow, I used Sheer Glow for about 3 years and wanted to try the new one. The only thing I can tell you at the moment is that it is a lot more water-liquid based – it will run off your hand because the formula is so thin so make sure you put it onto your face using a brush, otherwise it will just look wet and clumpy. I got my normal shade Santa Fe, I do think I should have gone a shade lighter because the formulas are very different so I would recommend having a look at the shades at a Nars counter before buying your normal Sheer Glow shade. I bought mine online so I couldn’t do that, unfortunately. After I apply my base, I use Maybelline Anti-Age concealer in nude to conceal my under-eyes, I usually blend it into my skin using a Real Techniques beauty blender. I use Benefit Hoola bronzer but I forgot to include it as it was in my bag, haha. For blusher, I use my beloved Nars Orgasm blush which I have been a fan since forever! On my eyes, I use L’Oreal Super Liner in black, I’m definitely a fan of a winged liner and this is perfect for achieving that. For mascara, I use Lancome Grandiose mascara which is amazing for lengthening and volumising my lashes. My brows definitely need to be worked on because they’re so thin (karma will get the lady who ruined my brows lol). I use Benefits Brow Zings palette in medium, it’s lasted me at-least 2 years so it’s definitely worth getting your hands on. When I’ve applied the product to my brows, I add some brow gel using Brow Drama by Maybelline, just to set them in place.

If you would like a full review on any of these products, if I haven’t already done one just let me know! You can buy the products here:

Nars  All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
Maybelline Brow Drama
Lancome Grandiose Mascara
Benefit Brow Zings
L’Oreal Superliner
Nars Orgasm Blush
Topshop Panda Makeup Bag 

L x


Weekend Fun 

     Hey guys!

At the weekend, my 2 friends and I had a sleepover at my friend Mel’s house. I know I’m 20 but you’re never too old for a sleepover, haha. Surprisingly, it was super hot in Glasgow on Saturday so of course the roof came down in Mel’s car and unfortunately, I was stuck in the back. Let me tell you, it is a fun but bad-hair time when you’re in a convertible on the Motorway! My goodness, I literally could not feel my hair afterwards nor could I see. Shotgun next time, haha! I took this photo because I thought I looked hilarious and it ended up being a pretty good one, lol. The second photo was taken after the M8 in Glasgow, I thought it was amazing, we were actually on the Erskine Bridge (if anyone knows what that is) and it was a perfect photo opportunity. This photo was also taken at the weekend in work, I never say no to a work mirror selfie, haha. I cannot get enough of my new culottes from Topshop, I think they make an outfit look so much more smart and put together. These are definitely one of my favourite purchases of 2015 so far.

L x

Culotte Crazy 

Okay, okay I know I keep talking about my culottes but this is another way I have styled them. I tend to keep wearing them with just a casual jersey tee just to make it look more casual but in this outfit, I was a little more tanned so I wore my black and white Topshop bralet. I love this look because you can totally transform it from day to night, I could wear this outfit to work then head out for drinks straight after just by adding a pair of heels and a dark lip, sorted! I love wearing my waistcoat with this outfit because you know, everyone loves a waistcoat. Let me know what you think of this outfit down below!

Culottes, £42
Waistcoat, £45
Crop top, £20
Sandals, Primark £10

L x

Chit Chat 

 Hey guys, I thought I would do a chatty post updating you on what I’ve been doing. Apart from finishing uni almost two weeks ago (hallelujah), I’ve pretty much just been chilling out, when I can. I think the thing I enjoy most about uni is the summer break hahaha. Tonight, my friends and I went to see Unfriended. Hmmmm, it’s not worth your money – it’s so predictable it hurts, haha. Last week, my sister and I got a spray tan and afterwards, I bought my first ever Fuel smoothie/juice/drink whatever you want to call it and I loved it! As you can see, we also bought another one a few days later (obsessed). How cute are Casper and Buzz?! They’re honestly the cutest two dogs I’ve ever met. At the weekend, in work – my two friends and I all wore khaki and black outfits so of course it was the perfect photo opportunity. My sister and I joined the Blend Active party and I am so happy we did. We’ve made so many juices and smoothies since we bought it, I didn’t realise how expensive fruit was till now, haha. I’m hoping to be posting more on my blog now that uni has finished up but you never know, fingers crossed.

Take care guys!
L x

Ripped Denim and Sandals 


Hey guys, this is another outfit of the day from last week. I wore this outfit to work simply because it’s super easy to fling on and it’s so comfy, too. I am still loving my ripped authentic jeans from Topshop, as you can see they’re completely shredded – the rips did not look like this when I first bought them, haha. You can definitely see more skin than you’re supposed to but I really love them and they are still the comfiest jeans I own. I will list all items down below. My shoes are of course, my new Primark sandals (these are all you’re gonna see on my blog for the next few months, haha). I wore my favourite shirt from Topshop, this khaki and black one is so comfy and I love the fit, it’s oversized but still looks really nice on the body. I also LOVE the quality of this shirt.

I hope you guys are all doing well.

Topshop jeans
Topshop shirt (sold out online but you might be able to get it in your local store, sale!)
Sandals are available to buy in-store.

L x


Dressed in Black 


Please excuse the bad toilet selfies but this is an outfit I wore to work yesterday, I was feeling a little more adventurous because I have a tan at the moment and that always makes you feel more confident. I am loving these sandals from Primark, they cost £10 so grab them whilst you still can! My jeans are my classic black Jamie’s from Topshop with the ripped knees, I love a good pair of black jeans because you can style them so many different ways. I recently bought this cute crop top from Topshop too which is so lovely and I can’t wait to wear it in the summer more, it only cost £20 which is a great buy. I love it so much because I think the neck line is super flattering. Lastly, because I didn’t feel confident enough to wear the crop top on its own (lol) so I flung on my black sleeveless waistcoat, I feel like I always wear this waistcoat but it’s so easy to fling on and it totally completes any outfit.

L x

Topshop Night Out 

       Hey guys, on Saturday I had a night out with my friends and I thought I would share some photos with you. I finally bought a pair of culottes!! I’ve wanted a pair since they hit the websites last year but I’ve always been too afraid to wear them incase they were a waste of money or I just couldn’t style them properly but I love this pair from Topshop. Beware guys, there’s a lot Topshop in this post haha. The trousers are a gorgeous khaki colour and of course, I paired them with my Pretty Little Thing sandals which I always gear towards when I’m going out. The trousers cost £42 but I know for a fact I’m gonna get so much wear out of them, all year round. I wore this cute little crop top from Topshop which was £22, bargain! Again, I’m gonna style it with jeans and sandals during the day and also when I’m working. I bought the crop in Petite, weirdly enough because I am definitely not petite but it fitted and looked great, that’s all that matters.

L x

Spring Has Sprung 

 Hey guys, this is my outfit I wore to work yesterday and I’m super excited about these new sandals. I can’t wait to bring more colour into my wardrobe over the next couple months and these were my first step. I got these sandals from Primark for £10! Bargain, I know. I’m definitely going back to get the black pair, I’ll be able to wear them with so much more. I paired these sandals with my ripped mom jeans from ASOS and my old school Coca Cola tee from Topshop.

I hope you’re all well.

L x

Mars Bar Cake 


Hey guys, my boyfriend and I made this delicious Mars Bar cake last night and I thought I would share with you how you can make it yourself – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.


2 x pack of 4 mini Mars Bars (uh oh)
2 bars of milk chocolate (doesn’t need to be the good stuff, any will do)
Rice Krispies
Half a block of butter

Melt your butter in a pot and start to break up your Mars Bars, add in your blocks to the butter and let it melt through. Then add Rice Krispies into your pot, you can judge how many you need – we had about 2 small cups full, mix it all together and pour it onto your tray like above. When you’re finished, put the tray into the fridge to let it set and whilst that’s setting, melt your milk chocolate on the hob. When your ingredients are set, pour your chocolate over the rice krispies and again, put the tray in the fridge to set.

Voila, happy eating!

L x

Zara S/S 

*ALL ZARA* Shirt, Skirt, Shoes 

Hey guys, I was browsing Zara’s website and absolutely fell in love with this wraparound skirt. I love the details and surprisingly, the belt too. The khaki/camel shade is one of my favourites all year-round. I figured since I love it so much, I would put together an outfit for you guys. These amazing black heels are stunning and I think they look amazing on everyone, I think they totally complete any look. I’m desperate to get my hands on a pair of lace up boots for day-wear. Lastly, you could complete this look with this sleeveless shirt. I would tie it at the bottom, leaving some buttons undone and simply knotting it, that way you’ll see a little midriff but not too much. I hope you guys like this outfit and can take some inspiration, Zara are killing it this season.

L x