My First YouTube Video

Hey guys, I caved and finally tried making a video for my YouTube. I’ve watched people on YouTube for so many years and always loved the thought of actually doing it. I suppose you can’t really call it an official first ‘beauty or fashion’ related video which I hope it could end up being but if I uploaded it, that must mean I’m happy-ish with my editing skills, haha. I just made it about my puppy Woody, he’s turning into a rascal more and more each day so I thought it would be cool to document his journey so far, the whole 15 weeks of it, haha. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have an account and I do plan on having the same kind of content on there as I do my blog so I hope you keep checking back for updates.

My channel:

I hope you’re all well.

Take care,


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