Birthday Month and Update 


Long time no speak guys, September was such a crazy month for me and I am 100% guilty of not blogging, whoops. Like I said in my last post I turned 21 last month and I had a great time celebrating my birthday. I finally got my private registration that I’ve been hinting about to Christopher for over a year. If you can’t tell, it stands for my surname haha. I can’t believe I’m actually showing you guys my birthday cake but it’s funny so why not, let’s just say I no longer trust my sister with my snaps I send her. I will link my outfits below if you’re interested in knowing where anything is from.

The beautiful little puppy in the images is my little guy, I’ve had him for 1 week now and I swear, I love him so much. His name is Woody and he’s just the cutest little guy ever. Please beware of thousands more photos of him to come. Christopher, my sister and I recently went to see Kevin Bridges at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow and I’m not gonna lie – I had to take my inhaler on several occasions from laughing so much.

Outfit 1 /
Trousers, Blouse

Outfit 2 /
Dress, Heels are Boohoo

Take care x



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