August in Photos 


Hey guys, long time no post haha. Work has completely taken over as I’m not yet back at uni so I need the money. I thought I would share some photos from this month as it’s almost September, my birthday month! I’m 21 next week so hopefully there will be some birthday posts coming soon.

These photos are just of me and the dogs, we took them on a huuuuuuge walk to a Country Park and they were absolutely filthy afterwards. I finally bought myself a pair of dungarees from work, I will link them here – I got the cord pair instead of denim because they’re so much more comfortable. They cost £50, pricey but so worth it. For my sisters 23rd birthday at the beginning of the month – my mum and I bought her a tortoise. Crazy I know but she was so happy and he’s so chilled out and relaxed all the time. Incase you’re wondering what she called him – Mikey (Michaelangelo from TMNT). My 3 friends and I had way too much fun in this car journey when we had the roof down, I called shotgun because you do not wanna be in the back of a convertible when you have HAIR. Kimberley and I went to the beach recently when it was warm in Scotland (shock horror) and bought some Nardini Ice Cream, so damn good. The last photo is of Casper and I, one night when he was actually okay with me hugging him haha.

I hope you’re all well x



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