Happy Birthday


Hey guys, the next few months are full of birthdays in my family and two were this past weekend, haha. On Sunday it was my little sister Kelsey’s birthday, she’s finally a teenager! She turned 13 and I swear, it’s so crazy to see how quickly she’s growing up, I feel so old. My family all went for breakfast on Sunday morning and had a huge, delicious buffet! Afterwards I took her shopping so she could spend her birthday money (standard)! Tyler Oakley (YouTuber) is touring at the moment and coincidentally he was in Glasgow touring on the night of her birthday and thankfully I managed to get tickets. The show was fun, our seats were right at the front which was perfect. I bought her birthday cake from Costco!!! Let’s be real, this is bloody amazing. It only cost £8 and let me tell you, it tasted delicious. No regrets y’know! 

On Monday, it was Christopher, my boyfriends 20th birthday and it was another lovely day. I definitely gained some weight over the weekend haha! On Monday we had breakfast with his family then went shopping, we also had some amazing freshly made doughnuts! They were eaten before any photos could have been taken, unfortunately. To finish off his birthday we went to an amazing restaurant in Glasgow called Coia’s, it’s pretty much become a tradition to go there for his birthday (because it’s so damn good). I had Calzone which was HUGE. I still managed to eat every single bit of it though haha! For dessert, we shared Sticky Toffee Pudding, which I’m sure you can tell was obviously delicious! 

L x 


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