Weekend Fun 

     Hey guys!

At the weekend, my 2 friends and I had a sleepover at my friend Mel’s house. I know I’m 20 but you’re never too old for a sleepover, haha. Surprisingly, it was super hot in Glasgow on Saturday so of course the roof came down in Mel’s car and unfortunately, I was stuck in the back. Let me tell you, it is a fun but bad-hair time when you’re in a convertible on the Motorway! My goodness, I literally could not feel my hair afterwards nor could I see. Shotgun next time, haha! I took this photo because I thought I looked hilarious and it ended up being a pretty good one, lol. The second photo was taken after the M8 in Glasgow, I thought it was amazing, we were actually on the Erskine Bridge (if anyone knows what that is) and it was a perfect photo opportunity. This photo was also taken at the weekend in work, I never say no to a work mirror selfie, haha. I cannot get enough of my new culottes from Topshop, I think they make an outfit look so much more smart and put together. These are definitely one of my favourite purchases of 2015 so far.

L x


4 thoughts on “Weekend Fun 

  1. GeezKyraLouise! says:

    Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and I can’t wait to read more from you! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra Xx

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