Chit Chat 

 Hey guys, I thought I would do a chatty post updating you on what I’ve been doing. Apart from finishing uni almost two weeks ago (hallelujah), I’ve pretty much just been chilling out, when I can. I think the thing I enjoy most about uni is the summer break hahaha. Tonight, my friends and I went to see Unfriended. Hmmmm, it’s not worth your money – it’s so predictable it hurts, haha. Last week, my sister and I got a spray tan and afterwards, I bought my first ever Fuel smoothie/juice/drink whatever you want to call it and I loved it! As you can see, we also bought another one a few days later (obsessed). How cute are Casper and Buzz?! They’re honestly the cutest two dogs I’ve ever met. At the weekend, in work – my two friends and I all wore khaki and black outfits so of course it was the perfect photo opportunity. My sister and I joined the Blend Active party and I am so happy we did. We’ve made so many juices and smoothies since we bought it, I didn’t realise how expensive fruit was till now, haha. I’m hoping to be posting more on my blog now that uni has finished up but you never know, fingers crossed.

Take care guys!
L x


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