Topshop Night Out 

       Hey guys, on Saturday I had a night out with my friends and I thought I would share some photos with you. I finally bought a pair of culottes!! I’ve wanted a pair since they hit the websites last year but I’ve always been too afraid to wear them incase they were a waste of money or I just couldn’t style them properly but I love this pair from Topshop. Beware guys, there’s a lot Topshop in this post haha. The trousers are a gorgeous khaki colour and of course, I paired them with my Pretty Little Thing sandals which I always gear towards when I’m going out. The trousers cost £42 but I know for a fact I’m gonna get so much wear out of them, all year round. I wore this cute little crop top from Topshop which was £22, bargain! Again, I’m gonna style it with jeans and sandals during the day and also when I’m working. I bought the crop in Petite, weirdly enough because I am definitely not petite but it fitted and looked great, that’s all that matters.

L x


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