Quick and Easy Outfit


Jeans- TOPSHOP, Jumper- TOPSHOP, New Balance- VIA ASOS (not available)

Hey guys, this is just a really quick post featuring an outfit I wore to work recently. I had been at uni all day and I just wanted to be comfortable and casual. I have totally been converted into a jumper-person. I never used to like wearing jumpers until recently, I think they’re so easy to fling on and super cosy. I paired this outfit with my New Balance trainers, aside from Nikes – these are the comfiest pair of shoes I own. I love them! I love this khaki coloured jumper, it makes your outfit a little bit more exciting than just wearing black all the time and it’s something I can just quickly fling on and I’m good to go. Of course, I’m wearing my beloved authentic rip jeans from Topshop – these are my all time favourite pair of jeans and I definitely think I’ll have to re-purchase them soon.

L x 



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