Get Motivated

2015/01/img_1731.jpg 2015/01/img_2162.jpg 2015/01/img_2177.jpg It’s safe to say I’m a gym junkie. There’s nothing I love more than going to the gym and leaving feeling proud of myself. The one thing that got me motivated was buying new gym clothes and of course, shoes. Nike does it for me every single time and there’s a 99% chance I’ll always stick by that. I got some new Nike pieces for the gym at Christmas and I’m absolutely in love! If you’re planning on going to the gym/starting to workout – I would definitely recommend spending a little bit more money on good gym clothes. There’s nothing worse or more embarrassing than going to the gym with those see-through leggings (you know what I’m talking about). For me, I always try to buy clothes that are a little different, you’ll feel so much more confident and motivated if you look good. I’m definitely a hoarder of Nike Free Runs and now my obsession has moved over to Nike FlyKnit. LOOK AT THEM! How stunning are these shoes guys?! Not only are they pretty good to look at, they’re so comfortable. It feels like you’re wearing nothing on your feet – amazing. Both pairs are available to buy online at so check them out if you fancy those. I hope you’re all well! L x


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