Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip






I’ve caved again and bought some more lip products inspired by Kylie Jenner (shock horror)! I was looking to buy this particular lip pencil from MAC a couple months back but it was completely sold out. I managed to finally get my hands on it last week and I think this might be my new favourite lip combo. I was initially planning on wearing the lip pencil all over my lips and just wear it as a lipstick but the lady at the MAC counter showed me Brave, a lipstick to go along with it. The lip pencil is in the shade ‘Buerre’, don’t ask me how to pronounce it ’cause I still have no idea, haha. I just call it brrrr, simple. I’ve already reviewed on my blog (here) the more nudey shade that Kylie likes to wear, this combo is the more pinky lip she likes to wear or at least it’s fairly close. The pencil costs £12.50 and you can buy the lipstick for £15.50. I love this look because it’s not too in your face or bold but you can definitely tell you’ve got a little colour on. I plan on wearing this lip look soon with a smoky eye and I think it will look really lovely. Both colours have pretty good staying power, I only normally have to touch up my lips maybe once or twice but I don’t mind that all. I haven’t been able to get a photo (in good lighting) apart from this one but hopefully you can see how pretty it looks on the lips.

You can buy Beurre & Brave online at Debenhams!
Take care guys

L x


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