November in Photos!


I can’t believe it’s December already and we’re only 20 days away from Christmas (yup, I’m counting down the days). Other than November being full of uni work, it was quite an eventual month as my big cousin gave birth to her second baby! His name is Brody and he’s the cutest little guy I’ve ever met, the photo of my sister and I – this is the first ever time we met him and I just didn’t want to let him go, he’s so teeny tiny. I took the other photo of his hand on mine – he’s so precious and I swear, he’s the softest and cutest baby ever. Christopher and I went Christmas shopping recently and this is what House of Frasers looks like inside, please can I have a Christmas tree like that when I’m older, haha. I’m loving Beyonce’s new Platinum Edition to her album but I would have to say Ring Off is definitely becoming one of my most played. This is my sister with Christopher’s dog Buzz, you’ve probably all seen him before but she always turns into a crazy dog lady when she’s around the dogs so I had to take a photo of the two of them together.

I hope you’re all well, uni finishes up next week so hopefully I’ll be posting more on here!

L x


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