Brown Hair!

Up until last year, I had never ever died my hair before. I was definitely one of the last to join the party but I slowly went lighter gradually over several months. In August 2013, I first got lighter highlights (blonde) and in January of this year, I went a little more lighter – all over. For me, the worst part was having bad roots a lot of the time, getting your roots done isn’t cheap and I would never dye my hair myself so I would always have to save money just so I could have okay-ish looking hair. A couple weeks back, for some unknown reason – I wanted to go dark. I really liked the idea of having ombre in my hair but ombre has been around for a while now and I think it can look very yellow and tacky so I thought about balayage instead. Balayage is just a more natural way of having ombre in your hair. I took a photo to my hairdresser for inspiration and this is the outcome.


The majority of my hair is brown but my hairdresser kept some blonde at the bottom and also subtly added some blonde highlights throughout. I’m looking forward to curling my hair, well the bottom half of my hair anyway because I think it will look really cool because you’ll be able to see the blonde a little better. I’ve never been this dark before so it’s such a huge change, I still can’t get used to it but I am really loving it. I got my inspiration from Tumblr & Pinterest. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you should head over to those two platforms. I hope you guys like it and be sure to tell me what you think!

Happy December!

L x


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