Checks and Rips


IMG_1227.JPG Black tee- TOPSHOP, Jeans- TOPSHOP (sale), Shirt- ZARA, Vans- SCHUH 

I wore this outfit to work recently and let’s face it, it’s pretty casual. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I just want to be comfortable in my outfits and ripped jeans and baggy tees are my favourites for this.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how funky my Sully phone case is?! I love it so much haha. I haven’t worn my white MOM’s in forever but I thought I would wear them today for a little change, I always love wearing my Vans with these because it gives it a more casual, relaxed look. I have been living in this ZARA checked shirt since I bought it, it’s one of those shirts you can easily fling on and you’re good to go and it’s super comfortable.

I hope you’re all well, sorry I’ve been MIA – uni is taking it’s toll. `
L x


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