November Wishlist

It’s always so hard for me at this time of year, trying not to buy anything for myself but instead buying Christmas presents. The temptation is hard but I can always have my eye on stuff, right?! Yup, thought so.


Sweatshirt- ASOS, Top-Adidas VIA ASOS 

The first item is this Donald Duck sweatshirt from ASOS, I know some of you will think it’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen but I love it. This is the kind of thing I would fling on for uni, for a casual, cosy kind of day (mostly everyday, haha). It only costs £30 which I think is a bargain. I also love this ADIDAS top. I think this top is so cool because of the colour-fade and splatter effect. This is the kind of top I live in because they’re super comfortable and cosy.

IMG_1158.JPGWaistcoat- TOPSHOP, Jumpsuit- ZARA 

The next item is just amazing, it’s a waistcoat from TOPSHOP, I originally seen this in a khaki colour but it’s sold out so I can’t show you how amazing it is but the white one is just as pretty. Can you imagine this with an all black outfit and some amazing boots?! I can just picture it in my head. I think it would completely transform an outfit and I think I need it in my life, haha.

Next up is this amazing jumpsuit from ZARA. I think the checked detail makes it causal and appropriate to dress up and again, would make you look like you’ve made an effort but really you’ve just chucked on a jumpsuit. I think you could dress this up with some loafers for the day then at night, add some black heels. Amazing!

L x


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