New Buys (Teeny-tiny Topshop Haul)





Uniform started again in work which is amazing! It happens every three months and I’m always so excited, haha. I bought two amazing pieces which I know will last me forever. I’m not normally into wearing jumpers especially winter ones when they’re really thickΒ – just simply because I get so warm and I always have to take them off. I love my thin jumpers that I just fling on for a lazy day at uni but I thought I would risk it and try this one. Isn’t it the most beautiful jumper!? I think it’s amazing, if you’re in a Topshop store – have a feel, ’cause it feels so super duper soft. I can imagine styling the jumper with some ripped jeans (duh) and my new chunky BOOTS. When it comes to checked shirts? I have so so so many, I may have an obsession. I think they’re so easy to style and of course, they’re so comfortable. I love the colours in the shirt and I know loads of people will hate them, my mum says it looks like a mans shirt which I’m totally okay with, haha! Again, this feels amazing to touch and the fit is super nice when you go a size up so it’s a little more oversized.

L x


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