The Perfect Winter Boots



Boots- ASOS, City shorts- TOPSHOP (sale), Sweatshirt- TOPSHOP (sold out).

I’ve been looking to buy some new winter boots for so long now but I swear, every pair of shoes I own kill my feet so I always have to be 10000% set on a pair before I buy them. I wanted a chunkier heeled chelsea boot but they’re everywhere at the moment so I thought I would go with the same idea – but with laces, something a little different. I found this amazing pair on ASOS for only £35 which is pretty decent for a pair of winter boots.

I love them and they’re really comfortable, I was able to get them for a little cheaper with student discount which is always a plus! The only thing that has bothered me so far was how scruffy they get. I’m assuming it’s the material they’re made from, I think I’ll have to purchase a leather protecter so they don’t end up looking completely worn because I love them so much. I also liked THESE, the same shoe but in a different finish but I thought the matte black was more versatile and wearable. I love that the heel isn’t too big, I’m not really a fan of wearing a heel during the day because my feet just can’t handle it but these are perfect.

If you’re interested in buying some new boots for yourself, I have some great voucher codes to save you some money:

£10 off when you spend £80 – Enter code ASOSMVC8 at checkout
£7 off when you spend £70 – Enter code ASOSMVC70 at checkout
£5 off when you spend £60 – Enter code ASOSMVC60 at checkout.
Happy shopping!

L x


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