The Christmas Hot Chocolate

For as long as I’ve known Christopher, at this time of year we always have his amazing hot chocolates, if you don’t know how to or have never made your own hot chocolate, here’s how to make a pretty darn good one.

First, you want to pour some cold milk into your mug – however much you’ll be needing. Since we had two mugs, it’s easier to figure out how much we need and not waste any. Then you want to pour both mug contents into a jug like this:


Put your milk in the microwave for around 3 minutes but remember to keep checking it regularly (it just depends on how hot you want it to be). Then you want to get your hot chocolate, we just used the good old Cadbury’s hot chocolate, and put in 3 teaspoons into your mug and then you want to add around a half a teaspoon of sugar on top. Afterwards, pour in your hot milk and you’re done!




If you want to make it look more festive and fun, just add in some marshmallows and cream on top – Delicious!




Let me know if you try making one yourself!
L x


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