The Structured Blazer

Today’s post is just a simple OOTD featuring this amazing blazer I found in a Charity Shop so for the first time ever, I can say I own something vintage, haha. I love how the blazer looks so tailored and expensive – the shoulder pads weren’t my favourite when I first bought it but now I love them. I think it finishes off the look. I love the purple/aubergine lining on the inside, especially because it almost matched my top!


The jeans I’m wearing are my favourites, they’re the Authentic Skinny Jeans from TOPSHOP which cost £45. My loafers are from SCHUH costing £65, they are so comfy and make an outfit look so much more classic. Lastly, I’m wearing my amazing viscose ladder top from Topshop, this top is currently out of stock but fingers crossed they’ll bring it back. I love outfits like this – I like dressing in outfits which look a little more structured and put together.

L x


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