5 Perfect Chill-Night Movies!

So, this post will either be really fun or very boring to you but I thought I would share with you some of the movies that I think are perfect for those nights where you just want to lie in bed and chill. These are some of my favourite movies and I’m pretty sure (I hope you’ve seen them too) you guys will know what I mean when I say some of them certainly know how to make you laugh.


The first movie is She’s The Man, it’s so old and it’s such a classic ‘girl’ movie but you’ve got to admit – it’s bloody hilarious. I can proudly say I know pretty much every word to this movie, that’s how many times I’ve watched it. I can always remember my sister and I laughing for so long and quoting at the same time whilst watching this movie over and over. If you’ve never watched the movie – forget about what’s happening now and go watch it, please! You honestly won’t regret it. My favourite quote is “When my eyes are closed, I see you for what you truly are – which is OOOGLY.” I still say that to my sister to this day. Such a classic!

The second perfect movie, in my opinion would have to be What Happens in Vegas. Again, I’ve watched this movie countless times – no matter what, it will always make me laugh. Cameron Diaz has always been one of my favourite actors so that’s definitely a bonus. My favourite scene is when Jack (Ashton) is chasing Joy (Cameron) on the way to their meeting and they start fighting in the park, throwing oranges at each other etc. It always had me laughing and I think if you want a good laugh – pop What Happens in Vegas on and you’re sorted.

Pitch Perfect. It’s got to be everyone’s favourite, right? I’m just gonna say right now that as I’m writing this post – I’m pulling up clips from each DVD on YouTube and singing my heart out, in this case. The last scene of Pitch Perfect is my all-time favourite, Rebel Wilson is my hero – HOW can someone be so funny, I love her so much. I think Anna Kendrick’s acting in this movie is amazing, if you’ve never seen Pitch Perfect – you are mental. I’m so so happy they’re both in the second movie – hopefully it will be just as funny. I love this scene because it gets you singing along and it’s just funny overall.

I’m not gonna lie – I think Footloose might be my favourite from this bunch, is that cheesy? I absolutely love Footloose (the 2011 version). I play the soundtrack in my car every other day, they just make you so happy! I’m so so happy Miles Teller is in the movie, I absolutely love him. I think he’s so cute and just hilarious. You can’t fault Julianne Hough’s body and her amazing dancing – she’s incredible. The movie always makes me smile, especially the last dance scene – I love the ending to the movie. Footloose is the kind of movie I could happily watch everyday in the background whilst I’m getting dressed etc, I’ve always been a fan of dance movies so of course this is a favourite of mine. My boyfriend has been forced to watch this several times and I’m pretty sure he loves it too, haha. You should definitely give this one a watch.

Lastly, Friends With Benefits always makes me laugh. I’ve watched this movie so many times and I never ever get bored of it. I remember everyone would never shut up about it and thought it was such a big deal, the concept and all but I still always fling it on and watch it when I’m just chilling. These movies are the exact type I fling on when I have a day off work/uni and when I have nothing to do.

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