Life Lately #1

I just thought today’s post would be something more fun, I’m going to start writing posts showing you what I’ve been getting up to – similar to My Week/Month in Photos but these will hopefully be more frequent. Since I got my MAC, I’ve pretty much been using it everyday for blogging, watching Netflix and doing uni work.

01. So, American Horror Story returned with its fourth season last week and I was so excited to watch the first episode. You can watch the trailer for Freak Show here.Β If you’ve never watched AHS before – you’re seriously missing out, it’s amazing. You can watch season 1-3 on Netflix, hopefully that will persuade you to go start the first season. The good thing about American Horror Story is that you don’t really need to watch each season to understand what’s going on. In each series, the characters are all the same but the set-up is different each season. For example, there’s a Circus, a Mental Asylum and a Witch Coven. You should definitelyΒ get involved, I’ve never been so scared of Clowns before since I watched the first episode of the new season.

02. I got the iPhone 6 last week and I absolutely love it. I originally wanted the black one but they’re completely sold out and there’s a 6 week waiting list so I just went for the silver, to me – the gold colour looks cheap and it just doesn’t look nice to me. I’ve always had a black iPhone so it’s a nice to change for me. The size difference is so strange, if you go from the iPhone 4/5 to the 6 Plus – you’ll be so surprised because I’m even struggling with the difference from the 5 to the iPhone 6. I’m gradually starting to get used to it and I do really like it so far.

03. This is a photo of my boyfriend Christopher being the biggest loser ever. I love this photo, he hates getting his photo taken so it’s always nice to have one on my phone that he actually willingly took, haha. This photo makes me happy so I thought I would share it on my blog (as cheesy as that sounds).

04. I was looking through photos from our holiday to America last year and I came across this photo of the Statue of Liberty which I took when Christopher and I took the helicopter tour across New York, it was absolutely amazing. If you ever get the chance to do it, you definitely should. The photos brought back so many memories and I would absolutely love to be back there, preferably in Florida. Orlando, Florida was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

05. Lastly, since I got my MAC – I’ve been watching Friends double the amount as I normally do. Every single episode is online so I’ve normally always got an episode on in the background when I’m getting dressed or blogging etc. I started from the beginning and I totally don’t regret it – Ross is my favourite character, I love them all but Ross is definitely my favourite. One of my favourite Friends episodes is the Pivot one. What is your favourite Friends episode?

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Lauren, xx


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