Homies and Vans

Tonight’s post is a very simple and basic OOTD but these are normally my most favourite kind of outfits – ones in which I feel comfortable in. Working Sundays are never at the top of anyone’s list – especially not mine so today I just went for a really relaxed (I’m going straight back to bed when I get home) kind of look. I’m still bringing out my white jeans and I guess they are gradually going out of style but I do love my white MOM’s from Topshop, they were great while they lasted.

If you’re still looking to get your hands on some white jeans, these Leigh jeans with ripped knees are available to buy for £40 and there are also these Jamie’s for £42, I do love a pair of Jamie jeans. From what I know, the MOM jeans I’m wearing in the photos went into last season’s sale so you’ll be very lucky if you manage to get your hands on those, fortunately the petite ones are still available full price online. My VANS are from Schuh which cost £52 but you can get 10% off if you have Student Discount, I love these Authentic Vans because they’re so comfortable and pretty much go with all my outfits. Lastly this Reason Homies sweatshirt/jumper is from ASOS which I’ve been wearing a lot more often when I go to uni and on those days when I just can’t be bothered.

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Lauren, xx


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