Nivea 3-in-1 Cleansing Water

So, to this day I still have never tried the Bioderma Micelle solution just because I don’t know how to get my hands on it without having to spend £18 for something so simple, maybe I’ll crack one day but this is my substitute to the Bioderma. I bought the Nivea Daily Cleansing Milk around a month ago and I have been loving it so far. Retailing at £3.69 from Superdrug – I think it’s a bargain. According to the website, the cleansing water cleanses your skin, removes make-up and moisturises your skin all in one step and is said to combat redness, tightness and dryness which I would say it does.


The product is free of colours, parabens and perfume which is always a bonus. In a regular sized bottle, you will recieve 200ml of product so it will definitely last you a month or two, to apply the product you only need the tiniest amount – just apply the product onto a cotton pad and massage into your skin, avoiding contact with your eyes. When I’m removing my eye-make up I just rub onto my eyes in circular motions for about 10-15 seconds and repeat on the other eye, if the product goes into my eyes – it doesn’t sting so you don’t have to worry about that but of course don’t just apply it straight onto your eye. I love the packaging, it’s very simple and basic but I think it looks really expensive, the cap is easy to control and you don’t waste any product because you can dispense however much product you wish. I definitely think this cleansing water is worth a try, especially with it’s cheap price tag – you won’t be losing out if you’re not the biggest fan and it definitely won’t break your bank.

If you’ve tried this cleansing water before, let me know how you got on with it.
You can buy the product from Superdrug or Boots.

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Lauren, xx


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