The French-Braid

I normally don’t ever change my hair style, probably because I’m scared of the result. Recently I’ve been changing things up a little and for once in my life, wearing my hair in a pony-tail. I’ve always liked the look of french-braids and so I started experimenting a little and came up with this french-braid pony tail. I love wearing my hair like this because it takes roughly 10 minutes to do, I normally straighten over my pony just so it doesn’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed. It’s super easy and quick to do but it actually looks like I’ve taken time and effort to do my hair. I pull pieces of hair out from the side of my head just to add a little messiness to my hair, and I always take a comb and pull the braids so they’re not so tight to my head.





How to achieve:
Seperate two larger sections of hair at each side of your head and begin to french-braid your hair on one side, when you’ve completed one braid – add it to your pony and kirby it in place then do the same on the other side. Pull out some pieces of hair to add texture, straighten/curl your pony to add volume and that’s it, done!

Elephant Necklace, Topshop 
Checked shirt, Zara

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Lauren, xx


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