Topshop Boutique

I always see some amazing pieces on the Topshop website from the Boutique range and I thought I would share some of my favourite items recently. Of course, because these items are from the Boutique range – they will all be reasonably more expensive.

The first piece is this Wrap Kimono Dress which costs £120, my jaw dropped when I saw the price too. It’s obviously very expensive for such a simple dress but I think it’s absolutely stunning. I love the colour, navy is one of my favourites but in the photos it’s a lot more blue which doesn’t bother me at all. I think if I was to see someone rocking this dress, I would know it didn’t cost just £40, it looks expensive and so luxurious. I think this would look so amazing with a tan and very simple basic shoes and jewellery. This is the kind of dress that does all the talking. I am in LOVE.

Next up is…. another pair of baggy/MOM jeans that I love. I am definitely a sucker for a baggy jean and I think these are just amazing. These Ripped Jeans by Boutique cost £55 which I think is totally reasonable and I would defintiely be willing to pay that for a good quality pair of jeans. I would wear these on an everyday basis – to uni, work and when I’m out & about. I love how the model is styling these jeans with just a simple basic jersey top, again letting the jeans be the focus of the outfit. I think these would be the perfect jean for A/W too because they’ll go great with any outfit. I love the charcoal wash, I’m bored of all black jeans so the grey/charcoal just adds a little something else.

The last but certainly not least item is the sole reason I wanted to put this post together. These Slouchy Wool trousers are absolutely beautiful. I seen them on one of my favourite bloggers and absolutely fell in love with them. I love the loose trouser trend that’s been going around and these are just perfect. They cost £75 which is steep for a pair of trousers but I would 100% justify paying that amount for these because I know I will get so much wear out of them, I would never have these off, haha. Online, they’re is also a matching shirt to pair with these trousers and you can buy both together for £145 – this would be such an amazing outfit!

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Lauren, xx


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