Zoella Beauty

When I found out Zoe was bringing out her own beauty range, I was so so excited (way more excited than a 20 year-old should be). I bought these products for my little sister who is 12 years-old – no doubt I’ll be using them too, duh. I’ve yet to buy one product because it was sold out, when I went online to buy them (I clearly wasn’t patient enough to wait until they arrived in stores) most of the products were sold out so I had to buy certain products from FeelUnique and Superdrug.


I absolutely love the products and how they’re so Zoe, you can tell she put so much into these products and I personally think they look amazing and they’re so sweet. In the range there are 5 amazing products and also 2 make-up/pencil cases available to buy.


Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion (160ml) – £5

Beauty Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream (490ml) – £5

Beauty Fizz Bar (200g) – £5

Beauty Let’s Glow Candle – £5

Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Miss (45ml) – £8

Zoella Eyes & Guinea Pig Beauty Bag – £8

I think the products are so reasonably priced, especially considering a lot of the people who will buy them are young children. I personally love the beauty bags, I think they’re so cute – I might have to buy one for myself. The products all seem to be very appealing to the eye and I think they would look so cute sitting in your bathroom or on your make-up table. The Fizz Bar seems pretty cool because it’s just like a bar of chocolate and you can break off one piece at a time which means you’re not wasting any. I’m so excited about these products and I’m looking forward to buying more when they run out (I’ll probably use them more than my sister, haha). The products are all so creative and they definitely don’t break the bank so try and get your hands on some of these amazing products if you can. Well done Zoe!

The Zoella Beauty range is now available to buy here and here. Enjoy!

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Lauren, xx


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