MacBook Air

Okay, so it finally happened… I bought a MacBook Air today and I am the happiest person in the world right now. I love it so much, I’ve wanted an Apple laptop for quite some time now and I’m so lucky to finally own one. I bought it specifically for uni and blogging, I can’t wait to be sitting in my uni lecture taking notes, haha (biggest loser ever).


I bought my MacBook from Curry’s/PC World, fortunately I managed to get some discount on my laptop, which made it increasingly cheaper which I was chuffed about. My laptop is for my Christmas but thankfully I managed to get earlier, haha. So far, I’m loving it – hopefully I’ll be able to upload more blogposts and get motivated for second year of uni starting! I originally wanted to buy the 11.6″ but when I seen it in real life, it was just a little bit too small for me. The smaller MacBook is about an inch bigger than an iPad which I thought wouldn’t suit me so I decided to buy the 13.3″ which is perfect! I’m so so happy right now.

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Lauren, xx


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