Topshop A/W Outerwear Wishlist

I know I only just bought my beloved Jersey Trench from Topshop which cost a crazy £85, but I already want another jacket. Without a doubt, I always get my A/W jackets from Topshop because I know they’ll last me forever and yeah, they’re pricey but it’s definitely worth it. Below are a selection of 2 jackets and a blazer I’ve picked out which I’m 100% sure I need in my life, haha.

Premium Trench Coat, £150

Leather Biker Jacket, £320

Longline Tuxe Blazer, £70

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to buy a camel coloured trench coat but I always talk myself out of it. I remember having a jacket like this when I was around 14 years-old. I think this is the perfect jacket, for me. I love the colour and I think they look so effortless and classic. £150 is totally out of my price range but I wouldn’t mind putting away some money each money just to get my hands on this. I love it so much! I ALWAYS see people go on about how much they want a real leather jacket, now I know why. This leather jacket is absolutely beautiful. At £320, I could never afford this jacket but I guess that’s why this blogpost is called a wishlist. I love that the silver zips etc are very minimal and not too in your face. Lastly, I love the tuxe blazer because I love that ‘wearing your boyfriends clothes’ kind of look and I also love the idea of a two-piece suit. I already own one but of course, I want another. The PU lapels are what drew me to this blazer, I think it’s stunning.

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Lauren, xx


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