September Wishlist

Here’s some stuff I’ve had my eye on recently – most of the clothes will still be available so I will leave links below.


Button-neck Jumpsuit – Zara
Dark Grey Jumpsuit – H&M

I saw this jumpsuit in Zara today and almost had a heart-attack when I saw that it was £80! It’s amazing but no way would I ever spend that on a jumpsuit – I probably would if I could but y’know what I mean. I personally don’t love the silver detail at the waist but something in my heart is telling me I now need a grey jumpsuit after seeing this one in Zara. Afterwards, I was looking online at H&M’s collection of jumpsuits and I came across this one, in my opinion – I prefer it to the Zara jumpsuit. It costs £30 which is completely affordable and let’s face it – it’s gorgeous AND it also comes in navy!! I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit, I have this one from Topshop which cost around £65-£70 when I bought it and I always feel so comfortable in it, I don’t care if I look like a 16 year-old boy.


IMG_4550.PNGPeg Leg Trousers – Topshop

The next item is these gorgeous peg leg trousers from Topshop, the colour is what I love most – I think it’s absolutely stunning and would look amazing with so many different pieces. The length is also what I love about these trousers, I really love the almost-cropped look at the moment. I would wear these to work/uni casually with a basic tee or wear them out into town with a pretty blouse or crop top – perfect!

Black Leather Ankle Boot – Zara

The next item is a pair of ankle boots from Zara (Can you tell I’m loving Zara at the moment?), when I saw these in store I fell in love, for once in my life I actually appreciate a shoe with a point – normally I don’t like those kind of shoes but I think these are perfect. They are quite pricey at £79.99 but I think it’s so worth spending a lot of money on a gorgeous pair of boots that will last you forever.

TMNT Crop Top – Urban Outfitters

The last piece is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crop top from Urban Outfitters, I already have a top very similar to this but I love the Japanese writing underneath and surprisingly, I like that it’s a crop top. I love Urban Outfitters tops like this because they bring back your childhood memories and I honestly cannot wait to see the new movie so obviously I feel like I need to buy it.

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Lauren, xx


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