New September Buys

Since I’m going back to uni, I wanted to treat myself to some new clothes. I didn’t have anything in mind I wanted to buy apart from one thing. These Homer Simpson pyjamas from Topshop, I seen them recently in work and absolutely fell in love with them. There are so many cool pyjamas to choose from like Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and the Jungle Book so if you want some cute pyjamas – head to Topshop. For me, Homer Simpson were the best ones there.

I also bought just a plain black jersey top from Topshop (pretty boring) just to fling on with a casual outfit. You can never go wrong with a basic tee. I also bought a checked shirt from Zara. I am absolutely loving Zara at the moment, if you can remember the khaki trousers I’ve mentioned in recent posts – I also bought them in black because they’re so comfortable. I bought the checked shirt in a size S, it’s pretty oversized which I love so I will definitely be wearing that lots! I plan on being dressed pretty casual for uni, I never really make a huge effort unless it’s an important day – I can wear my tee and checked shirt with jeans or even with my Zara drawstring trousers for a relaxed look.


My sister and I went shopping pretty much all day and had the time of our lives in Lush and I also bought these crazy pairs of underwear from Topshop (I’m the biggest sucker for Topshop underwear – biggest kid alert). Too much information? Oh well.



Let me know what you think of my buys down below!

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Lauren, xx


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