Photo Diary #1

Here’s just a few photos which I’ve taken recently and just some others that I wanted to add in.

1. It was Buzz’s 1st birthday on September 12th and this is a photo I took a couple months back when I put on an old pair of sunglasses and he went absolutely crazy, haha. It’s crazy how much he’s grown now, soon enough he’ll be the same size as Casper (my boyfriends other dog). The two of them are my favourite little guys ever.

2. This is apparently how I entertain myself on my lunch break in work, whilst watching Friends of course. Please expect a lot of ridiculous photos like this throughout my blog!

3. This time last year, I would have just arrived home from visiting New York and Florida for two weeks, I honestly can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since. Time flies and I really, really, really want to go back. Florida was the most amazing experience for me. This photo is of me and Christopher in Times Square when we visited New York. Our hotel was right in the centre so the view, as you can imagine was incredible.

4. So… This pizza is from ASDA. Yeah, that’s right, ASDA. You can get a pizza this size (14″) for £3.70 – amazing! Christopher and I had this for dinner recently and it tasted delicious. From what I can remember, the toppings were – double pepperoni, spicy beef and spicy chicken – WOW. If you haven’t ever tried ASDA’s make your own pizza’s – please go and do it. You won’t regret it.

5. This was my outfit recently for work and this was the first time I wore my Zara drawstring trousers, they’re so comfortable – I am 100% buying more colours. I wore them with a plain v-neck tee and white oversized shirt from Topshop and my Juju jellies, I know they’re coming out of style – Can someone recommend me a good pair of loafer/brogue style shoes that won’t destroy my feet please. These are definitely one of my new favourite pairs of trousers.

For my birthday, my sister bought me a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor (a watch) and I absolutely love it. I specifically wanted it so that I can track how many calories I burn after each gym session – so far I’m seriously loving it and I’m sure, once I’ve used it for a couple weeks, I’ll do a little review for you. They are definitely worth the money!

This is a photo of me and my friend Kimberley from my birthday night out. Surprisingly, this is one of the better photos from that night (99% sure I was the smallest one there) I still can’t believe I’m actually 20, I feel so old! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Kimberley loads, I’m so upset that this week will be the last time I’ll see her for 1 whole year. I genuinely don’t know how I will cope.

This is me crushing Casper’s cute little face, obviously I’m not really crushing him – just forcing him to be in a photo with me. My camera roll on my phone consists mostly of photos of himself & buzz. Crazy dog lady and proud, guys.

9. Me being a weirdo, as always.

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I hope you’re all well! xx


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