Frank Coffee Scrub

Get Naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get Clean.


Today I’m going to review the newest hype that’s been going around recently – rubbing coffee over your body. Sounds weird, right? The coffee scrub is packed with 200g of sweet almond, orange and apparently lots of other good stuff. According to the website, the scrub will target cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions by using roasted and ground robusta coffee beans and it will also smooth your lumps and bumps with brown sugar and sea salt, moisturise and tone your skin with cold pressed sweet almond oil and use vitamins and minerals to work wonders from the outside in and to top it off, make you smell good with its orange essence. The coffee scrub costs £11.95. There are also two other scrubs which are available to buy online, they cost £12.95 and £13.95. Each scrub is distinguished by a colour – pink, blue or purple. Each scrub targets the same areas but each one has different ingredients.


I’m not a fan of coffee so you can probably imagine how groce I thought it was to be rubbing it on my body. The packaging is really simple but in a funny way, I really like it. I think it’s really basic and not to OTT. To apply the product, you’re supposed to take a handful of the coffee and rub it into your skin, you can apply it on areas you wish to combat. At first, I just used it on my face, chest and arms. Let me tell you, your bath or shower will be covered in coffee afterwards – so make sure you wash if off before your mum notices and wants to kill you, haha. Use circular motions to apply the product onto skin and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off like you would normally wash off shower gel, for example. If you have oily/combination skin, you should use a light body oil to remove any excess oil. I guess the most important thing for me was how my body felt afterwards. In my opinion, I didn’t feel a dramatic difference buy my body did feel moisturised and hydrated. I’ve used it twice now (you’re only recommended to use it twice a week) and so far, I think it’s okay. Noting spectacular but maybe I just need to give it more time. If I see any changes, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.
If you’re interested in buying Frank, you can purchase it here.

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Lauren, xx


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