What I’ve Been Buying…

Hey guys, I’ve been buying some really nice items recently (not many, but a few) and I thought I would show you them. I’m going back to uni soon so these items will be really cool to style up for going back.


‘Full Time Fashion Blogger’ sweatshirt – River Island
I bought this sweatshirt because I’ve seen a lot of people wearing it and I think it looks pretty cool. It’s only Β£25 which means it’s totally affordable and I can definitely see me chucking this on for those days in uni when I just can’t be bothered.

Crepe shift dress – Topshop
I originally bought this dress for my birthday and I think I could wear this to uni on the more smarter, professional days – when I have a presentation, for example. I would wear this dress with a leather jacket, tights and some chunky boots or even with a tailored blazer.

Drawstring trousers – Zara
First of all, does anyone else think the Zara website is awful?
I saw these trousers in Zara recently and fell in love with every colour. I’m always in jeans and sometimes I want to look like I’ve actually made an effort to get dressed and I thought these could be dressed up or down. I could wear these to uni with a basic jersey top or I could wear them out with a blouse and some heels, perfect! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the other colours in these trousers – they are so comfortable.

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Take care, xx


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