Turning 20 and Minion Balloons

Hey guys, it was my 20th birthday yesterday and I thought I would share some photos from my day. I can’t say I feel any older but it sure feels weird knowing I’m no longer a teen. I hope you enjoy!

My sister told me she wasn’t getting me any balloons and as you can imagine, I wasn’t too pleased but I woke up to this amazing minion balloon and another funny one, I was so chuffed to see these, haha.



My boyfriend and I went for lunch in the West End of Glasgow and it was absolutely delicious. The next photo is just me annoying Casper, as always and after hunting every Waterstones and WHSmith for The Pointless Book, I finally got my hands on it!!!!



The photos above are from last-night when myself and my friends from work went into town. Luckily, I’m the only one who woke up feeling fresh, haha. The dress I’m wearing is from Topshop (duh)!

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Lauren, xx


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