New Ways of Motivation

IMG_4183.JPG Everyone knows that going to the gym can be easier said than done but recently I have been loving going and there’s nothing better than motivating yourself to go than buying new gym clothes/trainers. If you want to get fit and go to the gym regularly, get out and treat yourself to some new trainers – go to the Nike store and just spend £80 on a pair of Free Runs, just do it! You’ll feel so good wearing your new shoes to the gym and if you’re anything like me – you’ll wear them to uni, work and everywhere else too. I already have enough pairs of Free Runs and for a while now I’ve been wanting some new Nike gym trousers so my boyfriend and I went to the Nike outlet just the other day (the outlet isn’t too far away from us, it’s basically where everything is reduced so you don’t have to spend £48 on a pair of gym trousers, the clothes might be a little dated but who cares). I got an amazing pair of trousers which only cost £30 – in Sports Direct, you’ll pay roughly about £26 for a pair and the pair I bought are so much cooler than my normal black pair. I also got a top for the gym which only cost me £14 which is amazing – it’s just plain black and I got it in a few sizes bigger so it isn’t skin-tight in the gym – I can’t deal with tight tops in the gym. Lastly, we went to Sports Direct and I just picked up a Puma sports bra for around £13. I definitely think buying yourself new clothes for the gym will boost your motivation and maybe even your confidence to go to the gym more often. Try it out!

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Lauren, xx


4 thoughts on “New Ways of Motivation

  1. Saoirse says:

    I actually use new fitness clothing and equipment as goals with my fitness regime, so if I manage to do an extra set of weights or squats or something over a prolonged period of time, I head on over to Sweaty Betty and buy an new athlete vest. It’s healthier than treating yourself like a dog with food and you end up look really great, too 🙂 I’m glad you’re loving the gym, as well. I know it can be a nightmare to even get yourself to care about any kind of fitness. You could also keep your eye on an expensive pair of trainers and buy them once you break one of your records or something.

    Saoirse, Xleptodactylous

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