August Non-Beauty Favourites

Happy September (my birthday month, yay), guys! I decided to put together some of my non-beauty favourites from August so I hope you enjoy!


1. My first non-beauty favourite is a weird one but it’s surprisingly a drink. Lucozade Orange (Sport) is my new favourite drink. I was trying not to drink fizzy juice and my boyfriend recommended this to me. I’m totally cool with drinking water 24/7, I still drink a lot of water because it’s essential but If I can get my hands on this drink – I prefer to have that. It tastes so good and I love taking it to the gym with me because it keeps me energised throughout my workouts.

2. Friends. Are you surprised? Who doesn’t love Friends. This is a photo I took in the staffroom just the other day but if I’m at home, I’m either watching Friends or 8 Simple Rules and when I’m in work (on my break) I’ll ALWAYS have an episode of Friends on. The TV show is a favourite for me all year round but I just thought I had to mention it, my favourite character would have to be Ross. I love them all but Ross is just hilarious all the time, who is your favourite Friends character? Fingers crossed for a reunion (one day)!

3. BEYONCÉ. Again, this isn’t a shock favourite – she’s everyone’s favourite. Since watching Beyoncé’s performance at the VMA’s AKA BeyMA’s, I’ve been listening to her most recent album a tonne more, especially in my car. My sister and I were supposed to be seeing her and Jay-Z live in Paris this month but unfortunately we can’t go now but I’m sure I can just keep re-watching that performance and I will be fine, haha. I’m not even kidding when I say I’ve watched it at least 6 times. I definitely cried whilst watching it, she’s just so perfect (yes I just said perfect). Even my mum cried, that’s a shocker. No matter what, you can’t deny she is definitely “Queen B”. Bow down!

4. My next favourite have already been mentioned on my blog but it’s my new MOTO Authentic Skinny Jeans from Topshop. I can’t believe how comfortable they are and obviously, they are so damn pretty. They are 100% my new favourite jeans. However, I’ll never betray my love for Topshop Jamie’s, haha. If you’re in need a new pair of jeans – go onto the Topshop website and have a look at them because they are amazing!

5. Pretty Little Liars has pretty much always been my favourite show but in August, every week I was genuinely so excited about the next episode. I’m still a little peeved that someone ruined the ending for me on Twitter but what can you do apart from DO NOT go on social networking sites when there’s a Pretty Little Liars finale. I unfortunately had to cut Spencer out of the photo just so Emily could be in it, I have the biggest girl crush on Shay Mitchell, it’s crazy. Everything about her is just fabulous. If you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars I would definitely recommend it – if you watch Season 1, you’ll be totally hooked.

6. Working out has been a huge part of my daily routine recently. I didn’t know how to show that in a photo so I just included a Nike one – whenever I think of working out, I think of Nike so y’know. I’ve been going to the gym at least 5-6 times a week and I’m really proud of myself. Normally I give up easily on stuff like this but I figured since I have nothing else to do other than work and sleep – I should get fitter. I’ve been really enjoying participating in classes, too like Pump and Spin class (if you know what they are). I’m not rushing anything – I just want to be comfortable and confident and if that takes a while, I’m cool with that.

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Let me know what your favourites in August were! xx


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