A Sucker For An Ankle Boot!

Topshop are killing it with their shoes right now – mostly boots. I am absolutely loving several pairs and I can’t decide between the 4 I’m about to show you.




1. Abbie Zip Ankle Boots, £62
2. Arthur Ankle Boots, £85
3. Annette Western Boots, £65
4. Avatar Harness Boots, £78

I think the first pair is my favourite because they’ll be so easy to style and I love how they aren’t like your normal ankle boot and that they are a teeny bit shorter. The red western boots aren’t normally my cup of tea but I think these look so cool and I’ve seen some girls pull them off so well. I feel like they wouldn’t go so well in winter because they’re suede, however. The last pair of boots, I love. I seen them in store and they almost look worn, as if they’re really old. I love that look because it makes the shoes look more edgy and vintage. Let me know what your favourite pair is guys!

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Lauren, xx


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