Current Wishlist

Since my birthday is next month – I’ve been looking at some things I could treat myself with and it always comes down to clothes for me, you can’t go wrong with some good new clothes, can you?



Textured check coat – Topshop
Pinstripe blazer – Monki via ASOS
Slogan tee – Topshop
Checked shirt – Monki via ASOS
Green checked shirt – River Island via ASOS

1. I absolutely adore this coat. I saw it in work and absolutely fell in love. Normally I wouldn’t wear a coat which is so out there but this is just perfect, I love the tartan/check feel and I love the fact that it’s green. The price is pretty steep at Β£95 but really, you can’t fault this jacket – it’s beautiful.

2. You’ll notice a theme in this blogpost – Monki. I’ve never had the chance to visit a Monki store but I’m so glad they’re online and on ASOS, too. The clothes look amazing and they’re reasonably priced too. I came across this blazer and normally, I’m not into pinstriped clothes but I think this blazer would look so cool dressed down with a pair of jeans – I think it’s stunning!

3. Anything with reference to BeyoncΓ© – I want it. Simple, haha. This top is actually a pyjama top but I would definitely wear it out and about.

4&5. My last blogpost featured a checked shirt and so does this one, haha. My checked shirt collection really needs stop. I literally own so many check shirts, it’s ridiculous. I love how they’re so easy just to fling on and you’re good to go, I always like to have a different collection of colours so they aren’t always the same. I saw this Monki shirt on ASOS and surprisingly I love the colours, mustard and brown – I love how it almost looks like it’s supposed to be a mans shirt. The same with this green one from River Island and I especially love how oversized this particular shirt looks, you can’t beat an oversized shirt.

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Lauren, xx


4 thoughts on “Current Wishlist

  1. wanda says:

    Love the whole first outfit, you should def go for the coat!!
    Also, I’m a sucker for plaid shirts, it’s what ice cream is for kids, so naturally I’m in love with those shown here.
    Go get’emmm!!

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