My Week in Photos #3

Another instalment of my week in photos – some of these photos are ones that haven’t made it on my blog or Instagram, surprisingly.

1. I wore my Nike Free Runs to work today with no care in the world – I know it annoys people when others wear training shoes with jeans etc but who really cares. I only wore them to work, if I’m comfortable then I’ll wear anything on my feet – whether or not it looks good. I loved the burst of orange from my trainers today. I would happily wear my Free Runs to work everyday.

2. Have you ever tried rolling your dog in a duvet like a hotdog? Well I done that to Buzz the other night and he was so angry, I told my boyfriend to take a photo because I thought it was hilarious how you could just see his little white head popping out.

3. The tickets for the On The Run tour arrived and my sister and I are officially going to Paris next month to see BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z live!!!! I couldn’t be more excited about seeing BeyoncΓ© in the flesh again.

4. I confess – I have been to the cinema twice to watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I love the movie so much – if you haven’t seen it, make sure you’ve watched the first one then get your ass to the cinema because it’s AH-mazing.

5. My boyfriend had an important golf match on Sunday so him and I went to the Driving Range so he could practice some shots, you can probably imagine how bored I was but the view was pretty cool.

6. It was my mums birthday recently and we took her out for lunch – this was my dessert and bloody hell did it taste good. I think I remember telling myself I wasn’t allowed a dessert but I caved. These chocolate fudge brownies were delicious! Guilty.

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Lauren, xx


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