Ren Day Cream, Active Eye Gel and Gentle Cleansing Milk

I picked up this months inStyle magazine and inside were free samples of the Ren Gentle Cleansing Milk, Active 7 Eye Gel and the Global Protection Day Cream. I haven’t been using these products for that long but I thought I would share my thoughts on each product with you. The sample sizes are fairly small, the eye gel is even smaller but I think the sizes are reasonable to allow you to gage whether or not you like each product.




Prices of each product (Full size).
Active 7 Eye Gel – 15ml, £20
Gentle Cleansing Milk – 150ml, £16
Global Protection Day Cream – 50ml, £27

Active 7 Eye Gel:

This product can be used under or over makeup and is said to refresh and cool the eye area, reduces the puffiness, redness and dark circles. When using the gel, you only need the smallest amount, smaller than a pea size. The formula is released from the tube in a clear gel and massages onto the skin easily. My eyes are dry and sometimes puffy which this product is supposed to combat. The product isn’t sticky nor is it runny when you apply it to the eye area. When applying I just use my ring finger and massage it around the eye area until it is absorbed properly. Once the gel is applied, somehow my eyes feel cooled and refreshed, I haven’t noticed any major effects since using the product but it does make my eyes feel very fresh. When I use the gel in the morning – my eyes feel and look more brighter, I love using this product in the morning especially because my eyes are very dull in the morning and my eyes sometimes can have dark circles underneath and this product makes them feel so much more alive. What you have to be careful with is how much product is released, a simple tiny squeeze can release a lot of product – way too much for your eyes. I think £20 is pretty steep for an eye gel, although because it is only directed to the eye area – the product will last you forever. I think I will get about a months use out of the tiny sample so the full size bottle will last you a lifetime.

Gentle Cleansing Milk:

This product is said to remove dirt, pollution and make-up, leaving your skin feeling smooth, purified and calm. The milk is also claimed to combat the signs of premature ageing. The Cleansing Milk retails at £16 which compared to the other two products is pretty good. I’ve never tried a cleansing milk before, normally I use cleansers which are more water-liquid based so I was excited to give this a go. To apply the milk, I massage the product into my skin for about 1 minute after using my normal Sukin cleanser – I used the cleansing milk afterwards to see if it would take any extra make-up off my skin then I just rinse it off with cold water and dry my face with a towel. Each product from this little sample pack has a really off-putting strong smell, for me this is one of the worst smells I’ve come across whilst using any skin-care products. The cleansing milk doesn’t cause any irritation to my skin although after application, my skin feels sticky and tight. Thankfully, it doesn’t leave my eyes feeling stingy after using which is a must for me. I haven’t been using the cleansing milk for long but I’ll definitely be sure to keep you updated after trying it for a longer period of time. So far, it seems to be doing okay. My Sukin facial cleanser is still my absolute favourite.

Global Protection Day Cream:

The Day Cream is the most expensive product out of the 3 retailing at £27, I definitely would say this is far too overpriced for this particular product. The product is said to leave skin hydrated, calmed, soothed and looking beautifully. The day cream is directed to those who have sensitive or delicate skin. To use, I apply the product on my face in the morning before I apply my make-up and then I apply at night after I’ve cleansed my skin. Again, like mentioned before – the scent is very over-powering and definitely takes time getting used to. So far, I’ve noticed that it makes my skin sticky after use but it does reduce redness, when I cleanse my face at night – my skin becomes very irritable and sensitive and this product combats that. It massages onto the skin very easily and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Even though this product makes my skin feel sticky afterwards, it also makes my skin very soft and leaves it feeling hydrated.

Active 7 Eye Gel/15ml – £20 via REN
Gentle Cleansing Milk/150ml – £16 via REN
Global Protection Day Cream/50ml – £27 via REN

Let me what you think of REN Skincare products down below!
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Lauren, xx


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