Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen

Recently I got sent this eye pen from The Hut Group, they run many websites such as LookFantastic and BeautyExpert. I am so glad I got sent this product because it’s now my favourite eyeliner. I’ve done my research and online, the product is said to be long-wearing, non-transferrable, waterproof and the liner is supposed to give the intense effect of a liquid liner but it is a lot easier to apply – I agree with everything mentioned above. You can buy the product from the Pixi website direct for £11 or you can get yours from LookFantastic for £9.50.



I love this product so much because of the consistency, the shade I have is called Bronze Beam which is a brown/gold colour and it’s absolutely stunning. You can use the liner as an all over eye-shadow or simply use it as an eyeliner. I love how easily the product blends, the formula is so creamy and smooth. The product glides onto your eyelid like a dream. In the past I’ve noticed to have a lot of fall down with liners but this eyeliner stays put all day, I normally have sensitive eyes and this product doesn’t cause any irritation. The shade I have is perfect for summer and I will definitely be investing in different shades. I apply the products on my eyelid using a thin or think line, depending on how I’m feeling and I normally create a subtle wing – I then smudge the product to make it look more like eye-shadow but I leave the wing un-smudged, I love the effect it gives.




I don’t normally wear brown or gold eyeliner because I’m so used to my black L’Oreal eyeliner. This eyeliner is SO easy to apply, I think this is one of the reasons I love it so much. I can have one eye completed in under a minute but if I was using my black pen-liner, it normally takes me about 3 minutes per eye. The product does not contain any parabens, mineral oil or preservatives which is always a bonus. The product takes about 20 seconds to dry which gives you enough time to smudge or achieve a wing. I only have one negative to say about this product, the tips of the liners are very soft and the tips will break easily so you do have to be super careful when you’re taking off the lid/putting the lid back on etc but I guess you just get used to that. The pencil tip won’t last long but you can easily sharpen it and it’s back to normal. I definitely would recommend picking one of these liners up because they’re so simple to use and the pay-off is amazing.

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