A Trip To Costco…

My boyfriend. his mum and I decided to go to Costco tonight – not for anything in particular just for something to do. A trip to Costco just involves buying bad, unhealthy food I most certainly do not need.




Me annoying Buzz like I always do. How unhappy does he look, haha. “Lauren, please stop taking photos of me.”


If you’re ever in Costco and you see these brownies – pick them up because they’re so bloody delicious. You can never just have one! We found this humongous Nando’s Peri Peri sauce for £4.90 which we were amazed at – the tiny little bottles are £2-£3 in Tesco, whoa! This bottle will last forever.


It’s my sisters 22nd birthday next week and every year I try to get her a funny present which she’ll love – when I saw this gigantic bear in Costco I just knew this would be the funniest present to get her. Not only will she love it, she’s definitely going to struggle to find somewhere to put it. I’m having to hide it at my boyfriends house until next week otherwise she’ll see it, obviously. The bear cost £20 with VAT which I was chuffed with – these huge bears normally cost around £40-£60, crazy. Let’s hope my sister doesn’t read this blogpost, haha.



My boyfriend and I got this huge 18 inch pizza to take home before heading to the cinema and my goodness – it fills you up. After one slice I was struggling – very rare (of me). I also bought these gigantic cupcakes (everything is either huge or gigantic in this blogpost). They were £3.99 for 6 cupcakes and I just wanted them because they looked so yummy, I’ve yet to try one but I’m sure they’ll be delicious.

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Lauren, xx


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