Sukin Foaming Cleanser and Facial Moisturiser

Cleansers and moisturisers are the kind of products I like to play about with a lot, when it comes to make-up like foundation – I normally just stick to my trusty NARS Sheer Glow but I feel like I’ll know straight away with a cleanser or moisturiser if I love or hate it so I’m always keen on exploring. These products were sent to me by The Hut Group, they run many websites such as Look Fantastic and Beauty Expert. I happily said yes to them sending me some products to try out and I’m so glad I did! This cleanser and moisturiser duo is literally my new favourite thing. I get excited to cleanse my face at night. Weird, right?


I took this photo after removing my make-up and applying the Sukin cleanser. Please ignore my awful eyebrows, haha.

Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser £8.10 (125ml)
Sukin Facial Moisturiser £8.10 (125ml)
You can buy these products online right now, I definitely recommend it. Sukin isn’t a brand I had ever heard of until I was sent these products but I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon and buying more from them because my skin feels amazing.

My thoughts on Sukin Facial Cleanser:
Until this day, I’ve never had a cleanser which I use religiously. I’ve tried so many from Clean n’ Clear to Simple – in the past I’ve noticed my skin to be very sensitive to such products and my skin becomes very irritated. 98% of the time, when I cleanse my skin becomes very tight and itchy afterwards and the next morning – my skin will be dry and look very dull. To use the Sukin cleanser, I damp my hands with cold water and I only pump once onto my hand and then I rub it into my skin in circular motions. The formula isn’t sticky, I hate sticky cleansers so much. The smell isn’t too over-whelming, infact it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Boy oh boy, this is 10000% my new favourite product. I am so glad I’ve been introduced to this brand, where have I been hiding?! When I use the cleanser, the product is released from the bottle in a clear gel and once you apply it to your skin, it turns white – I feel like this genius gets all the built up dirt from underneath my skin easily, without irritating me. You don’t have to worry about it going in your eyes – it ain’t painful, trust me. The other amazing aspect about this cleanser is the price, £8.12 for a bottle which will most likely last you around 2 months is pretty damn good. The product lathers up very nicely on the skin and you don’t get any wasted product, after use my skin always feels so fresh and clean.

My thoughts on the Sukin Moisturiser:
My moisturiser changes like the weather, I’ve never had a constant favourite. I have recently been using a moisturiser from Simple but after using it, my skin feels very sticky and itchy so I’m glad to have been gifted this Sukin moisturiser. The packaging is devine, I think they look very natural and luxurious. I personally think it looks pretty good sitting on my table, haha. Sukin use all natural products and since I have very sensitive skin – this moisturiser is perfect. The product smells wonderful and thankfully it isn’t too oily or greasy and I don’t feel sticky after using, it absorbs easily and it smells amazing. A little bit really does go a long way, you don’t need much product and if I ever have too much on my hand, I’ll just happily apply it to my neck and collarbones. Again, the price for a moisturiser which really does itself justice is amazing, if you don’t normally spend £8 on a facial moisturiser – buy this and see what you think. I apply the moisturiser after I’ve cleansed, I use one pump again and massage it into my skin. I definitely would recommend buying both products because they work amazing as a team. The good thing about Sukin products is they’re unisex, everyone really can get good use out of these.

If you’ve tried any of Sukin’s products before, let me know which ones and your thoughts! I am very pleased with these products, thank you to The Hut Group for sending me them, it’s very much appreciated.

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Take care guys, xx


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