Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I’m pretty sure everyone and their mum knows about this concealer because it’s hyped about so much but I thought it needed some loving on my blog. I’ve been using this concealer for around four/five months and I absolutely adore it. I previously was using NARS Creamy Concealer but then after trying Collection’s version – it was a winner. The NARS concealer is also very good but considering it costs around £20 when this drugstore concealer costs £4.19 (amazing or what?!) You can find the concealer online or you can buy it on the high-street in Boots and Superdrug.


“Conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. It is water resistant and transfer proof.”

I’ve used three different shades of this concealer simply because when I first bought it, I had no idea what shade to buy. The first shade I bought was Warm Medium (3) which was pretty much the same shade as my normal skin tone and normally what you want to do is buy a concealer one or two shades lighter (I didn’t know this when I first bought the concealer). I used the concealer regularly and then went back to buy Cool Medium (2) which I loved, I thought it was a nice shade and wasn’t too light for my skin. This week, I ran out the second lightest shade and Boots only had Fair (1) in-stock and I 100% wasn’t going on with my week without concealer so I bought it and overall, I think the lightest shade is the perfect shade for me. It’s light but doesn’t make the underneath of my eyes look white or dull at all. I like how the product brightens my under eye area but also conceals at the same time.



Surprisingly, I really like the packaging because you can easily see which shade will suit your skin tone, the writing on the tube will rub off after daily usage which makes it look a little messy after a month or so but what can you do? The applicator is a very good size because it allows you to get into smaller areas like around your nostrils and under the eyes. It is said to last for up to 16 hours and let me tell you, I started a shift a 9AM the other day and somehow, I didn’t get home until 1AM the next day and my face still looked pretty concealed, it does a fantastic job of covering any dark circles and blemishes you may have. I don’t have to touch up my makeup during the day which is a bonus when I use this product and although the formula is pretty thick, it’s also very creamy which makes it a dream to blend into the skin. Overall, I think this product is amazing and for £4.19, you really can’t go wrong. Next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug, pick one up and see what you think.

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