July Wish-list!

Since the weather should be getting a little better, I decided to make up another wish-list of everything I am currently loving.

Stripe dress: Urban Outfitters, £32
Sunflower dress: Motel Rocks, £35

This Vintage Renewal dress is amazing, I have a similar one from Topshop but it shrunk, unfortunately. I love the two-tone style and how it looks very sheek and simplistic. Let’s face it, a dress from Urban Outfitters which only costs £32 is pretty damn good. I always go onto the Motel Rocks website and just end up wanting everything. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers and this dress is perfect, it’s so cute and just shouts Summer!

‘Saturn’ zip heels: Topshop, £58

I saw these shoes in work and absolutely fell in love, I saw a pair in Zara which were very similar but I had to stop myself from buying them – I think they can be worn both day and night and I love the silver zip detail.

Chiffon kimono: American Apparel, £48

I’m not one to shop in American Apparel because they’re just so ridiculously expensive but I love this kimono, I really want to find a neon longline kimono to wear over an all black outfit but this one could work, I love the stripes and how it could totally transform an outfit.

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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I’m off to see TRANSFORMERS tonight and I am so friggin’ excited! Be sure to expect a review on it tomorrow.
Take care, xx


4 thoughts on “July Wish-list!

  1. Funkypath by M says:

    i really love the dresses! and omg the shoes… AMAZING
    the kimono and how it is paired in the photo I find to be a little too dark for summer, but it’s still a great piece!

    have a lovely day xx

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