Simple Foaming Cleanser: Review

This foaming cleanser is said to contain ‘the perfect blend of ingredients for gently removing impurities and traces of make-up.’ If anything, the only good thing about this product is the packaging.


I’ve been trying out this cleanser for about 2 months now, I normally would use it at night to cleanse my face and get rid of any make-up but after several uses I found that my skin was becoming very dry. The foam liquid is very light and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I hate spending loads of time at night cleansing my face when all I want to do is get into bed. Yes, it removes my make-up but not everything. Since the product made my skin very dry, I wasn’t 100% sure if that was the cause so I stopped using it for about 2 weeks and my skin seemed fine.


The recommended use is to pump twice into fingertips and massage into wet skin. It definitely isn’t a product to use to get every bit of your make-up off because you’ll end up with panda eyes. My face is normally quite sensitive to products but if I was to go back and use this product, I would only use it to remove any make-up around my eye area because it just made my skin totally crappy after applying it. My skin felt to tight and rough after using this cleanser and sometimes, painful after use. I think this product may work better for people with oily skin, I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this cleanser. I’ve read many reviews since my skin became dry and I really do believe it depends on the individual persons skin.

The cleanser costs £4.49 from Boots. It contains Vitamin E to improve skin condition and has no perfume or colour which is a positive for those with irritable skin.

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Lauren, xx


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