NARS Eye Paint

I have wanted to try a high-end eyeliner for so long and since NARS is my favourite make-up brand, I decided to buy their Eye Paint in ‘Black Valley’. The eye paint is available in 11 different shades from black, brown, blue and green. The eyeliner retails at £18.50 per 25g bottle/pot. According to NARS this eyeliner has the staying power of up to 18 hours, whoa! When I bought the product, I was told that I had to ensure to remove it with an eye-make up remover like a Clinique eye cleanser instead of using a facial wipe, for example.




My thoughts:
For years now I’ve been using a L’Oreal liner with a felt-tip pen so I was a little apprehensive about using this product because I knew I would have to apply it with a brush and until then, I had never used a gel liner before. The product is quite slippery, because of this – it’s easy to smudge to make less of an intense look but I definitely don’t think this eyeliner is for beginners. Once it’s on, it’s on. I was so scared to apply it, if I made a mistake I knew it would be a nuisance to remove, using a brush was different for me – I bought the NARS angled eyeliner brush (no. 38) which cost £22. The brush is quite long and I didn’t really know how to handle it, if you know what I mean. I was so used to having my small liner pen in my hand so this was totally different for me. After playing around with the brush I managed to complete one eye, averagely. My right eye – a whole other story, trust me. I only accomplished a very small flick, I definitely wouldn’t call it a winged liner.


Throughout the day, I noticed the product started to fall down a lot – I had black marks underneath my lower lashes – I don’t even apply mascara on my lower lashes so I knew it was the eyeliner. It just made me look I had slept with my make-up on and left it that way, not a good look. If I used a primer, maybe I wouldn’t have had fall down but I only ever use a primer if I’m wearing eye shadow on my lids – which isn’t very often. One good thing is the intensity, ‘Black Valley’ is so bold and looks amazing on the eye (if you can achieve a good line.) I think this product is okay, I wouldn’t repurchase simply because of the price and because right now – I simply don’t have the talent to use it. If you’re a beginner at eyeliner – I would recommend using a pen liner with a thicker tip because they’re easier to control. I mean, if you’re a pro at applying eyeliner – definitely give this a try because I’m sure it will look amazing.
You can buy the product directly from NARS or here!

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Lauren, xx


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