Let’s talk about Jamie…

For as long as I can remember I have always worn Topshop Jamie jeans. Since I was around 16, they’ve always been my favourite.


Other than the two pairs of MOM jeans I own, the rest are all Jamie jeans. I never ever buy jeans from anywhere other than Topshop because I know they’ll last me for years and simply – they’re just perfect. I counted and right now, I have seven pairs of Jamie jeans, some are old and some are more recent.

Why I love Jamie Jeans:
I love the Jamie jeans so much because the quality is amazing and they fit perfectly. Like I said, I’ve been wearing them since I was 16 and each pair has lasted me at least 2 years before they start to fade (some have faded quicker because I wore the life out of them.) My favourite pair at the moment are these. The colour of those particular denims slims down my legs and of course, I love the ripped knee. These jeans are my absolute favourite and I love how I can go straight into the store, pick them up and buy them without having to try them on because I know they’ll fit. They cost £40 which some may say is a lot but for a pair of good quality jeans which will last you forever, I think that’s a bargain. My favourite thing about these jeans is that they are high-waisted, I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans which weren’t high-waisted. They sit just at your ankle which I think is so flattering and stylish. Topshop currently have 16 pairs online and they update them frequently so keep an eye out for new colours and styles!

Reasons why I don’t wear other Topshop jeans:
Other than the Jamie jeans, I only wear MOM jeans from Topshop because I love the baggy look, they can be more difficult to style but they look amazing on the body. I normally wear my MOM jeans when I want my outfit to look effortless.
I don’t like the Joni jeans because I simply do not have the legs for them. They’re super skinny and super high-waisted. I tried them on and I just looked ridiculous. They exaggerate the nasty parts of my legs and I didn’t feel comfortable in them.
The Leigh jeans don’t have enough give in them for me, they’re too much like leggings, I like my jeans to suck me in. Whereas, with the Leigh jeans, everything showed and I didn’t think I had enough support.

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