Zara loose trousers – Amazing buy!

I saw these Zara trousers about a month ago and absolutely fell in love with them, I couldn’t ever find them on the website so I just guessed they were sold out.



They’re from the Zara Basic range and were originally £29.99 (bargain at full price) I went into my local Zara store and there they were – just lying there. My size, in the sale – AMAZING. I was so happy when I found these, I didn’t even look at the price, I knew I was buying them. I got them for £22.99, on the price tag they were £19.99 but I didn’t realise until I got home, I’m only £3 out of pocket so it’s not a big deal. The material of these trousers feels so luxurious and silky which makes them really comfortable. These are definitely my buy of the month.

#badhairday ^^

Again, I can’t find them on the website but I definitely recommend visiting your local Zara for some amazing buys because their Sale is amazing.

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Take care, xx


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