My week in photos!

This week has surprisingly been pretty busy and thankfully, it’s gone quite quick. I know it’s only Saturday but you know what I mean. On Monday my sister and I decided not to cook our own breakfast and just go to ASDA for one instead – healthy, right? It was pretty darn good though. We then decided to go to Toys R Us, why? I have no idea. As you can see we got a little carried away with the Transformers toys.



Afterwards we had some Strawberries in melted chocolate and of course – they tasted insane!






On Thursday, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the Nike factory store (everything is slightly cheaper) and I managed to grab myself a pair of amazing Gym trousers for £22! I love the print, they may not go with my gym shoes but who cares. We also visited a World Buffet where you can help yourself from Mexican to Indian to Chinese food for £6 – uh, yes please.


On Friday it was ‘All white’ day in work, this is a shot of myself and one of my friends from work sporting our white Topshop MOM and Jamie jeans.

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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Lauren, xx


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